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The chronicles of Alexander Storm continue in these future novels.

abracadabra cover 2.jpg

An emerging evil, shrouded in the dark arts of magic, threatens Alexander Storm's grasp of reality. An ancient Templar treasure, linked to keys in the Holy Land, could spell the end for Storm.

dreams cover.jpg


The world of two star crossed lovers is shattered and a chance meeting with Alexander Storm may offer the solution they need to survive the darkness that has engulfed them.

necropolis cover.jpg


The grit and sin of NYC is home for veteran homicide detectives Frank Jericho & Michael Witcher. Collectively they have seen everything - or so they thought.

voodoo cover.jpg


The uncharted swamps of Louisiana hold many mysteries. One of which could lead to the source of Abigail's powers. But could the very answers she seeks lead to her destruction?

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